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On Anatomical Sketches

A Longpoem Project




Dasein takes its place in western thinking from the idiomatic into Hegel’s “term,” a greater sense of To Be.


To Be, with capital B the Backdrop to sophistry of any human age. A reflexive human.


Diaresis, the inflection lifting Being out of speech into higher sophistications, god-like as well as former assertions—regardless the cultural inheritance—contains  breath-seed for this lift.

First Limited Edition of Therseyn

with totemic rubbings

by Sasha Meret


The goal of "objectivity" suspended within the poetic line. An experience of the line  a subjective study meant to indulge and sustain.



Allegorical paleontology keeps pace with the poem.


More than scientific because allegory stands for imperceptible change . . . objective fact into subjective fact.


In the language of the poem:


                         "Paleo-far" and "Meso-Near."


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