On Anatomical Sketches:

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Dasein takes its place in western thinking  carried over from the colloquial into Hegel’s “term,” a greater sense of Being in general.


To present Being with a capital B as the backdrop to the sophistry of any human age. A reflection of human existence.


The “diaresis,” the inflection, the lifting of Being out of the colloquial into higher sophistications of god-like as well as former god-like assertions,  speech—regardless the base vocabulary or cultural inheritance— contains the breath-seed for this “upward lift.”


The goal of "objectivity" is suspended within the poetic line. The experience of the line as a subjective study was meant to be indulged in and sustained.

The allegorical position of paleontology keeps pace with the poem’s "measurements".


It is  allegorical more than scientific because the allegorical "beings" stand for the oftentimes imperceptible change from objective fact to subjective fantasy.


In the language of the poem:

the "Paleo-far" and "Meso-Near."






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First Limited Edition of Therseyn

with totemic rubbings

by Sasha Meret

On Anatomical Sketches...



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